Long Weekend in Colorado

Last weekend Eddie and I took a long weekend trip to Colorado. One of his good friends made the move out to the Denver area from Chicago a few years ago and we had been talking about making a trip our there to visit him for a while but it just wasn’t happening. A few weeks ago we realized we had a break in our usual crazy, June/Summer commitments and decided to cash in our credit card points to finally make it happen. Thanks Chase Ultimate Rewards and YAY to last minute trips!

I was also especially excited for this trip, yes because we were headed to Denver, but because it meant being able to cross off another one of my 2019 Goals!

Sadly our friend Steve had to work every day we were there, but it actually worked out well. Eddie and I got to go out and explore during the day and then spend time with Steve, his room mates and their cute pup, Mia, at night. We also had a blast attending Jacob Collier the first night in Denver with Steve and some of our friends from Chicago! Side note: it was INCREDIBLE!!!!

It was unfortunately cold and rainy basically the entire four days we were there so we were constantly checking the weather in both Denver and the mountains so we could plan our days out (literally to the hour per the rain forecasts) to best try and avoid the elements and enjoy the city and scenery. Anyway, I won’t share our play by play itinerary but our general agenda was:

Thursday: Arrive. Spent the day in Denver riding scooters and seeing the city & some crazy cool street art. Attended the concert that night.

Friday: Drove to Breckenridge. Visited the distillery and had some fun there for a few hours. Stopped at Lake Dillon for a mini-hike. We were also told to hit up Snooze for brunch while there, which we managed to do two of our three mornings.

Saturday: Spent another day in Denver brewery hopping.

Sunday: Hiked Chautauqua Park in Boulder, then drove up to Estes Park, through the Rocky Mountain National Park, and wandered down town Estes for a bit. Flew home late Sunday night.

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